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Sales & Advice

Interested in a new Laptop, PC or Tablet?

We at PC- Highway only provide quality makes and models of Laptops,
PC´s or Tablets. In case you are upgrading your existing Laptop for a
newer model, please check with us regarding part exchange. We do
have waiting lists for second hand laptops

We work very close with manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Acer,
MSI, Apple etc. and install the software to your language requirements.

PC´s & All-in-One Systems
We built from Entry Level to high spec Gaming PC’s – the warranty is
with the manufacturer but in case of faults during the warranty time,
we are happy to deal with it, and most parts we have in stock to have
you up and running in no time.
Our services include Windows, Mac or Linux Software installations
in your language.

Our main selling products are iPads, but we sell of course Android Tablets too.

If you should have a special model or make of your new Machine in
mind, no problem as we can provide your
“Dream – Gadget” in your Language and Keyboard layout.

All our systems and laptops leave the shop fully setup with legal
software and ready for you to plug in and start using. If you would like
to transfer Data content from your existing PC, we are more than
happy to do that for you. We believe in honesty and integrity and for
that reason we will not support any pirate copies or illegal software.

All our systems will have following installation of:

  • Legal Operating system
  • Anti Virus Program
  • Open Office
  • Skype
  • Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash player
  • Java
  • DVD Multimedia software
  • K-Lite Codec Pack